faendall said:
Oh wow, I can't believe I didn't know you until I saw one of your pictures on my dashboard being reblogged by someone else. Your game absolutely beautiful and one of my faves from now on haha.

Thank you so much for the super sweet note! I really appreciate it! <3 I’m so glad I’ve learned of you too now. Your simblr is ADORABLE. Your sims and decorating are so, so cute! :)

Anonymous said:
What wonderful pictures! Can you please tell me where are the little bunny boxes? Thank you so much!

Hi and thank you very much for the kind words! If I’m thinking of the right thing, it’s a recolor by shastakiss of a radio by HugeLunatic and you can get it here. If you meant something different, just let me know. :)

Anonymous said:
Hi ! Do you happen to remember where I could find the door here /post/76731586277 and light recolors here /post/45281224257 ? Thank you for your time ! :)

Hi! I saw your note saying you found the door from another wcif and the light recolors are by Luasims, here. :)

Anonymous said:
Hello ! Your style is so beautiful and relaxing. :) I hope you don't mind a few wcif's.. the hanging crystals here /post/76105365897, the hanging stars here /post/81175903690, and the wall lights and door here /80461734142. Thank you so much !

Hi, I don’t mind at all and thank you for saying such a very nice thing! <3 The recolors of the crystals (with the meshes included) are by Poppet, here. The stars are by Holy Simoly, but I think the only place to get them now is here. The lights are by Xanathon at MTS, here. The door is a recolor of the base game OakTowne Simple Interior Door by Shastakiss, here (part of the colonial build set). :)

Hey hey! WCIF the plant on the floor and the door recolor in your recent middleground interior decorating shot, and WCIF the wall, door, and purple kettle in the post a little ways down from it? Thanks :)))

Hello! :) The plant is me being unnecessarily complicated - it’s a conversion by CuriousB with a pot by ImpishParody over it, and the dotted pot recolor is by ZeroDark. The door recolor is by Lipe. In the second picture, the wall is by Poppet, the door recolor by Alle, and the teapot by Delonariel.

Anonymous said:
oh my gosh, would you please upload a furnished house?! Your houses are to DIE for!!! <3

Hi, nonnie! Thank you for saying such a sweet thing that I don’t deserve. Unfortunately, my building skills are stuck somewhere in 2004. x) It’s something I want to improve, but I’m really slow and inefficient. Thank you again for the nice message, though. :)

Anonymous said:
Hi can you please tell me wcif the crib from the nursery you posted a week ago? Thank You:)

Hi, sure! The crib is by HugeLunatic, here. The frame takes its colors from a basegame bed and the white recolor is also by HugeLunatic, here. The crib bedding is by Anna, here. :)